Engineered Fiber Solutions™

The Highly Engineered Fiber-Based Technology for High-Performing Material Needs

L&L's Engineered Fiber Solutions™ (EFS™) is a customizable technology that is configured to suit a wide range of customer-specific acoustic, thermal, and thermo-acoustic applications.

What is EFS™ Acoustic and EFS™ Thermal?

EFS™ fiber-based materials are engineered to create highly customized solutions in a variety of markets and industries including automotive, commercial vehicle, industrial, and architectural. The fibers are configured and optimized for performance and can be multilayered or thermoformed. The parts are designed for process optimization, ease of installation, and improved aesthetics for interiors in automotive or architectural applications. 

EFS™ Acoustic

EFS™ Acoustic solutions are high performance fiber-based acoustic platforms that are engineered into single or multilayer, flat-cut or thermoformed parts to suit a wide range of applications

EFS™ Thermal

EFS™ Thermal solutions are fiber-based thermal or thermo-acoustic platforms that are flat-cut or finished according to customer requirements.

Engineered Solutions

Combining our expertise in fiber technology, polymer science and fiber manufacturing, L&L’s Engineered Fiber Solutions™ (EFS) offers advanced fiber-based technology that is precise and customizable for enhanced material performance.

Engineered fiber

Configurable fiber blend, densities,
thickness and laminated facing to solve difficult material challenges for superior thermal or
acoustic performance.

Fully Integrated
Design & Processing

We engineer highly precise, customizable fiber-based solutions and offer fully integrated processing capability with optimized fiber blends, lamination, and secondary processing.


L&L Products offers custom-engineered solutions that are optimized for superior acoustic or thermal performance.

Design Flexibility

Customizable fiber blends, densities and thickness

Secondary processing includes thermoforming, composite layup & die-cutting

Enables lightweighting

Performance & strength

Excellent thermal performance & resistance to high temperatures

Excellent acoustic performance

Maintains loft over time, low shrinkage

Compression performance & wear resistance

Safe & Easy handling


Fire resistant

Water & chemical resistant




Commercial Vehicle
White Goods & Appliances


Download our resources find out more about the structural reinforcement for improved performance, mass, process and cost optimization using L&L Engineerd Fiber Solutions™ (EFS™).

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